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Capacity Building

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Following decades of violent conflicts and community distress, a number of local peace organizations and leaders emerged in Africa to address issues pertaining to their membership or their geographic areas.  Many of these groups however lack information and support necessary to wisely harness and apply their human resources.  A number of them will ‘reinvent the wheel’ and invest energies and good will in efforts that may not get them swiftly to their goals.  Leaders of these efforts often will feel overworked and isolated in their efforts.



COPA’s capacity building program aims to strengthen CSO in Africa to increase their sustainability and effectiveness, enhance their ability to provide services, create collaborations to more effectively serve their target communities, and improve knowledge of public policy and advocacy.  Specifically, this project focuses on two interrelated capacity building initiatives:


  • TRAININGS aimed at increasing knowledge and skills set in the areas of peace and conflict transformation as well as tailor-made workshops responding to community or organizational needs
  • PROGRAMS focused on working with women groups, youth groups and addressing trauma healing.

COPA has a long history of offering courses and programs for peace practitioners working in conflict areas and request for these courses continues unabated.  In all trainings, the Coalition strives to have gender balance and include youth participants.