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COPA supports conflict transformation and peace building in Africa in three main strategic areas, Capacity Building, Research and Advocacy.  COPA’s capacity building work is the central core of its activities as it provides the tools to individual and communities to take center stage in their lives and create peaceful futures.  Through research work COPA interpret policies information from top to bottom to affected communities and share the impact of these policies from the bottom up to officials and policy makers.  Research undergirds COPA’s advocacy which uses reliable, community-based, and thorough analysis to engage both policy makers and communities to address conflicting issues.  These three interrelated interventions are mutually supportive and provide the basis for COPA’s niche in Africa. 

Strategic Directions of Coalition for Peace in Africa

Strategic Direction 1: CAPACITY BUILDING: Promote conflict management and peace-building initiatives through skills training, exchange visits, mentoring and capacity enhancement.

Strategic Direction 2: RESEARCH: Implement action research on thematic issues to understand conflict dynamics and find locally grown solutions for communities to resolve problems peacefully.  

Strategic Direction 3: ADVOCACY: Enhance the capacity of local organizations and civil society to network, to advocate for peace, and to carry out non-confrontational policy dialogue.

Program Goal and Objectives

Overall Goal: Between 2011 and 2013, African peacebuilding practitioners, in particular women and youth, will contribute to conflict transformation in Africa by enhancing their capacity through trainings, their knowledge through research and will advocate for peaceful resolution of their conflicts